Amazing Moog synthesizers on iPad

In 2020, 2 amazing Moog synths: Model 15 and Model D , both on iPad. ​2 legendary synths for a bite of bread! After the 2 fantastic apps Animoog and Filtatron, we are therefore potentially in possession of a collection of 4 fabulous synths for our iPad.

A bite of bread ?

4 Moog synthesizers on ipad

The equation is very simple. Model 15: € 9.99 + Minimoog Model D: €14.99 + Animoog: app: €29.99 + Filtatron: app: €7.99 = €82.96

Too expensive for 4 apps? Certainly, but very economical for 4 breathtaking professional synths.

Do you prefer the original wood and metal synths, with the awesome big Moog buttons and limited series? As I understand you. But be aware that you will have to shell out € 10,000 for a Model 15 and € 3,750 for a Minimoog Model D.

And with that you will not have Animoog, Filtatron, or all the additional functions present in the apps for iPad.

And think carefully: the Model 15 weighs 23 kg and the Minimoog 15 kg. You will need to be careful with your back and charter a car to move them.

So if you are a musician and crazy about electronic music, I recommend the 4 apps for your iPad. You will not be disappointed ! The big Moog sound and more… for only 82,96 € and no additional weight for your iPad…

I can sense your objection: you don’t have an iPad. Not yet ? Well, now is the time, the new basic iPad is on sale for 359 €. And if you are a student or teacher or if you take or give lessons in a music school, you will have no trouble obtaining the education rate: 338 € Do the math yourself!
And why not buying a second hand iPad for half the price ?

Let’s start with a quick tour of these 4 wonders:


Moog - Animoog for ipad

The very first Moog created especially for the iPad is a masterstroke that Bob himself, the late and brilliant founder of the brand, would have been proud of (peace to his soul). Polyphonic synth with a completely crazy and expandable library of sounds.

The peculiarity of Animoog is its very special keyboard, which allows you to tune it in the key and the scale that you want by removing the keys that you want to exclude from your scale. A great idea to improvise freely, especially if you are not a seasoned pianist (like me).

And I have found that even great pianists enjoy Animoog thanks to this liberating feature. And on this vertically and horizontally sensitive keyboard, the possibilities for glissando expression are enormous.

But please read my detailed article in French on Animoog: With sounds, images, video, I also discuss possible extensions and a very relevant use in awakening and musical training.


Moog Fltatron

There too, a little stroke of genius: a “hot rod” sampler with the excellent resonant Ladder Filter and brand effects.

You can easily pick up sounds on the microphone or in any audio file stored in Music on your iPad. Overlay, loop and transform them. A kind of super looper for electro music. No keep in all hands …

An article to write soon to deepen this quite magical app, but which does not let itself be tamed so easily.

Model 15

Moog Model 15

This iPad recreation of the Model 15 modular synth will delight fans of big analog boxes. Everything is there and Moog Music has even added functions that did not exist in the original hardware synth:

  • Library of 160 pre-loaded presets and optional packs for a few euros
  • 3 keyboards: traditional, animoog (and yes!) Or ribbon. You can choose and switch between the 3 while playing.
  • 8-note arpeggiator-sequencer. Hat’s Off !
  • Delays, ring-modulation
  • Looping recorder!
  • Fully Midi implemented, like each of these 4 apps
  • And the authentic sound is once again present.

Please note, you’ll need a 64bit iPad, that means iPad Air or later. For my part, I play these 4 apps on a basic 9.7-inch iPad 2017: it sounds really great!

Minimoog Model D

Moog Mini Model D

The legendary Minimoog Model D, the very first portable synth, was invented by Bob Moog in 1970 and it revolutionized electronic music, funk, reggae, techno… until today. A monument and a real beast on stage!

Again in its iPad version, the manufacturer has added new functions:

  • Library of 160 pre-loaded presets and packs to download for a few euros
  • 4-note polyphony (the original is monophonic)
  • Arpeggiator,
  • Real-time loop recorder !
  • Effects: delays, bender

Regrets: here no animoog keyboard and the traditional keyboard is not resizable.

If you go to the brand’s website, you will find all the technical characteristics of these 4 apps, audio and video demos. Go take your visit to the brand’s website, it is a real pleasure! The pilgrimage for all fans of electronic music. .

In conclusion

I guess you read my enthusiasm. Know that it is total and 100% sincere. As usual, I remind you that I have no particular interest in recommending any particular app, software or device. And if I do it without any reservations for these 4 Moog apps, it is because they are real instruments with an authentic and professional sound, not gadgets.

I loaded them onto my ipad and play these synths with tremendous pleasure. I commonly include them in my songs, my performances and my educational workshops.

A lot more posts, topics, videos, podcasts on sound technics and music production on my French blog:

Un nouvel espace de formation dédié aux nouvelles technologies du son

logo-petit-plan-sonoreCe blog de formation est francophone. Il est destiné aux musiciens, enseignants, techniciens, artistes, sonores, compositeurs, ainsi qu’à toutes les professions du web qui ont des besoins audio et vidéo. Des infos, des conseils, des articles, des podcasts, des formations sur les outils, les méthodes de production audio, l’éducation et l’éveil musical. Allez y dès maintenant !

ElectrOctobass + in concert

shawnjeromebrunoShawn Mativetsky (tablas, Montréal), Jérôme Bourdellon (flutes, octobass, Nancy) et Bruno de Chénerilles (live electronics, Strasbourg). Recorded live in Strasbourg – May 29th, 2016.
An amazing trio travelling through acoustic instrumental sounds and surprising electronic lanscapes.
Un trio acoustic + électro détonnant qui vous fera voyager dans des sonorités instrumentales acoustiques et des paysages électroniques inattendus.
listen to whole concert on / écoutez le concert intégral sur :

new/nouvelles videos, workshops, concerts

In May 2016, 6 new videos to show you sound workshops and concerts on ipads and smartphones, especially / en Mai 2016, 6 nouvelles vidéos pour vous montrer ateliers et concerts, notamment :
Prepared piano at school / piano préparé à l’école :
Concert intégral / full concert on/sur ipads- EOrchestra at / au Shadok – Strasbourg (F) :

Bruno de Chénerilles – concerts à/in Strasbourg (F) with/avec Shawn Mativetsky, Jérôme Bourdellon, Ephraïm Wegner – may 21/29 – entrée libre – full program/me complet :

music workshops on ipads / ateliers de musique sur ipads – Bruno de Chénerilles at/au Festival Temps Numérique in/à Melun (F) – may 25/26 – program/me :

Concert EOrchestra

composite_2_eorchestraUn orchestre sur ipads qui joue des thèmes de jazz intergalactique, du raga disco et improvise avec les sons électroniques. L’atelier mené par Audiorama depuis janvier au Shadok montre son travail.
Venez nombreux en ayant téléchargé au préalable sur votre smartphone l’appli SmartFaust sftrumpet (gratuite et compatible avec tous les smartphones ios ou androïd). Vous pourrez ainsi participer au concert.
Direction : Bruno de Chénerilles – avec Hélène Schwarz, Lionel Prime, Pascale Spengler, Stéphane Ollivier, Denis Tabellion, Fabien Jolly et Tony Pasteau.
En partenariat avec le Shadok – avec le soutien de la Ville de Strasbourg.
Entrée libre
Mercredi 23 mars 2016 – 18:00 au Shadok – Presqu’île Malraux – Strasbourg – France

Venez jouer avec les sons sur votre smartphone

Trumpets pour Smartphones
Une performance participative proposée par eOrchestra, l’atelier-orchestre d’Audiorama en résidence actuellement au Shadok.
Que vous soyez musicien ou non, venez nombreux en ayant téléchargé au préalable sur votre smartphone l’appli SmartFaust sftrumpet (gratuite et compatible avec tous les smartphones ios ou androïd). Jouer ensemble avec le geste et avec les sons de manière conviviale sera notre objectif !
et :
proposée par Entropie : venez accompagné d’un son, que vous voulez partager, sur et avec lequel vous souhaitez (ou pas) discuter. Nous aurons 1h30 pour tirer aux DÉS des sons à écouter ( pièces, live, radio, électroacoustique, musique, objet, météorite, autre ) et essayer de questionner nos pratiques en regard de ces différents choix hasardeux.
Mercredi 27 janvier – 20h30 – entrée libre – au Shadok – 25 Presqu’île Malraux – Strasbourg
Cette soirée participative est proposée dans le cadre de la Semaine du Son

encore des places pour eOrchestra : atelier/orchestre sur ipads

(en français)
à Strasbourg :  que vous soyez jeunes (à partir de 12 ans), adultes, musiciens ou non, vous pouvez encore participer à cet atelier-orchestre au Shadok tous les samedis de 16h à 18h, de Janvier à Mars 2016 ! Découvrir les applications musicales sur ipad, vous initier à l’improvisation électronique, jouer avec les sons, construire et répéter ensemble le programme du concert final. Il reste encore des places pour cette aventure créative !
Tarifs solidaires selon ressources – + infos :
Formulaire d’inscription :

(abstract in english)
eOrchestra : an ipads ensemble workshop in Strasbourg – january to march 2016

sharing patches, sets etc…

if you need some Lemur solutions for sound spatialization, just ask for it.
We’re ready to share our knowledge and we’d like you to propose some of your work in ios music with the community.

master classes in Montréal, Canada

Bruno de Chénerilles presents his experimentation in tactile interfaces for electroacoustic music at Université de Montréal (en français, mercredi 11 novembre 12h – Faculté de musique) and at Concordia University (in english, november thursday 12 – 2 pm – music department).

Of Sound, Mind and Body with special guest Bruno de Chénerilles


OS,MB the improvisational ensemble featuring Tim Brady electric guitar, Shawn Mativetsky tablas, Helmut Lipsky violin join forces with Bruno de Chénerilles, live electronics on ipads. In concert Saturday November 7th, 2015 – 8 pm – La Vitrola 4602 Boul St-Laurent – Montréal (Canada) more info
Bruno de Chénerilles presents his educational experiments with music on ipads at International Symposium – November 5 and 6th, 2015 – 3 pm – McGill University – Montréal (Canada)  more info

Orchestronique video concert
June Saturday 20th, 2015 – Media Center André Malraux – Strasbourg, France – 9 musicians and non-musicians played a tribute to Kraftwerk on iPads and smartphones  – Directed by Ludovic Lambert – video and project concepting : Bruno de Chénerilles – executive production : Audiorama – production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

Orchestronique concert Nr/o 2 – Strasbourg


2ème concert  sur iPads : Mercredi 1er Juillet – 19:30 au Shadok – presqu’île Malraux à Strasbourg – entrée libre dans la mesure des places disponibles – Après une période d’ateliers de 5 mois, 9 musiciens et non-musiciens joue un hommage à Kraftwerk sur iPads et smartphones – Direction : Ludovic Lambert – video et conception du projet : Bruno de Chénerilles – réalisation : Audiorama – production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

2nd concert on iPads : July 1st – 7:30 pm at Shadok – presqu’île Malraux in Strasbourg, France) – free entrance – After a 5 months’ workshop, 9 musicians and non-musicians play a tribute to Kraftwerk on iPads and smartphones  – Directed by Ludovic Lambert – video and project concepting : Bruno de Chénerilles – executive production : Audiorama – production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

Orchestronique concert in/à Strasbourg, France


Concert final sur ipads : Samedi 20 Juin – 16:00 à la Médiathèque Malraux (département musique – 1er étage) – Strasbourg – entrée libre dans la mesure des places disponibles – Après une période d’ateliers de 5 mois, 9 musiciens et non-musiciens joue un hommage à Kraftwerk sur iPads et smartphones – Direction : Ludovic Lambert – video et conception du projet : Bruno de Chénerilles – réalisation : Audiorama – production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

Final concert on ipads : June Saturday 20th –  4 pm at Media Center André Malraux – Strasbourg, France) – free entrance – After a 5 months’ workshop, 9 musicians and non-musicians play a tribute to Kraftwerk on iPads and smartphones  – Directed by Ludovic Lambert – video and project concepting : Bruno de Chénerilles – executive production : Audiorama – production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

formation professionnelle en nouvelles technologies


AUDIO FORMATIONS organise les stages suivants à Strasbourg (F) en juin/juillet 2015 :
Tablettes Tactiles + Ableton Live : 22 au 26 juin
Quartz Composer (image) : 29 juin au 3 juillet
Final Cut Pro X : 6 au 10 juillet
Prise de son stéréo et multipistes : 13 au 17 juillet
MAO audio – Cubase, Logic : 20 au 24 juillet
MAO midi – Cubase, Logic : 27 au 31 juillet
Pour musiciens, techniciens spectacle, audiovisuel, compositeurs, artistes numériques sonores ou vidéo, auteurs, enseignants, demandeurs d’emploi … Prises en charge possibles par Afdas et autres fonds.
Programmes, préinscriptions dès maintenant :
N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute info :

less hardware, more music !

As our software is getting more and more powerful inside laptop computers , ipads and smartphones, musicians can propose more easily open workshops for children or adults . At Audiorama, we are doing a lot in different schools and social centers. When you are going to schools with your equipment nearly every day, you begin to think about less hardware and lighter devices. When you bring 4 to 8 ipads, a laptop, audio and midi interface, a microphone and cables, you can put all these devices in one suitcase or a big backpack and roll it to the classroom. But if you have to bring also the speakers and a mixer, you need at least a second heavy suitcase and you begin to break your back … Well, we did that for years and that was really a problem ! Recently we solved it thanks to 2 wonderful little hardware devices, that we’d like to show you here :
– a very very little console to mix 4 ipads : Rolls MX42 – 4 stereo ins and 1 stereo out, passive, very simple and cheap, 10cm long, a very light but solid  little box. And if you need more ipads, buy a second one and plug it to your audio interface. You’re ready to let 8 kids play together on those wonderful ipads synthesizers, samplers, beat makers or any app you like to use.
But now even if they have prepared their individual music parts on little headphones, you want them to play for real on speakers and you know that good speakers are heavy. We tried good but heavy ones and little ones too, but not so good, not enough power, lacking bass frequencies. We discovered one stereo speaker that solved our problem :
iLoud : very well manufactured by IK Multimedia, this new little box is powerful, clean, stereo in one box and can work on it’s battery power a whole day.We have tested these two devices during the last 4 months at our kids workshops in Florida and in France. It changed our educational practice and you know what : we don’t need any power plug, all the devices run on their own batteries : laptop, interface, mixer, ipads, speaker.
Now don’t misunderstood our intention, this is not advertising. This is just to help you and let all of us think about that hardware problems in our everyday musician’s life.
Bruno de Chénerilles

Orchestronique – work in progress

Saturday March 28th – music workshop on ipads at Malraux Media Center – Strasbourg, France
10 participants prepare trios improvisations. They explore musical apps and playing modes on ipads and smartphones and prepare their final concert (June 20th – Media Center – Strasbourg, France) – Workshop directed by Ludovic Lambert – video and project concepting : Bruno de Chénerilles
This french group is going to communicate and share with a class at Middle School New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They do a similar work directed by Bruno de Chénerilles, community artist in residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts.
Executive production : Audiorama – Production : Priscilla Winling / Médiathèque Malraux

vote for our community project in France

To support our community educational music project MUSIQUES A LA MEINAU in France, you can vote for us on our EDF Foundation Trophy page :  here . Go to the page and clic on the ” voter ” button. Feel free to share this message with your own community. Many thanks in advance.
Bruno de Chénerilles, Audiorama

a selection of musical apps on ipads and smartphones

2 types : audio apps can be played without a computer, most of them on an ipad and an iphone, but very little on androïd.
midi apps are designed to control parameters in a computer software or on any hardware electronic instrument.
AUDIO apps :
synths, samplers (sometimes emulations of mythic hardware devices, sometimes brand new multitouch ios devices) :
Moog : Animoog, Filtatron
Korg : iMS-20, iMini, iPolysix, iKaossilator
Propellerhead : Thor, ReBirth
Arturia : iSEM
edjing : one of the best dj app (also exists in androïd format)
IK multimedia : SampleTank
Retronyms : Phase84, SynthDrum machines : ElliottGarage : EGDR808 (one of the good TR808 emulations), Beat_Machine (F)
Workstations : Tabletop, BeatMaker2, Gadget (some of these can integrate other compatible apps), GarageBand,
Funny apps : it doesn’t mean that you cannot make serious professional music with them but they usually propose a limited but most of time very inventive access to sounds and are usually designed for non-musicians : (F is for free app)
Propellerhead : Figure
ZKM :  Small Fish (F), Sonor Field (F)
John Cage Foundation : CagePiano (F),
Larrson : 4’33”- John Cage (F)
TCP:Bells (F)
Yappophone (F)Retronyms : Stryke
Smartfaust : an amazing set of 14 little apps for smartphones by Grame in France (F)

MIDI apps :
Liine Lemur
(supposed to be also on androïd, but… )  the legendary multitouch french hardware has a second awesome career on ipad. On it you can design all the surfaces you need to control by midi or osc any existing software or hardware. Amazing objects, with all sorts of specific behaviours. It’s true : you can build anything with or without coding. Awesome for mixing, spatialization, live electronics, sound installations. Very professional.Other midi controller editors : Midi Touch, OpenOsc (also on androïd ?)
Some specific non-editable midi controllers for Logic Pro or other software

Of course, this list can’t be complete and new apps are released continously, it’s only the beginning specially on the appstore. It’s my selection at now. We are currently using these apps in different Audiorama projects for performances, installations, workshops.
If you happen to be in Florida tomorrow : I’m giving an overview of all these apps in an open and free workshop :
Saturday March 14th 2015 – 1 to 3 pm – at ACA Harris House 214 S. Riverside Drive New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA.
I’m here in residence for 2 months and a half.
If you’re french : I’ll do a big professional workshop on AbletonLive + ipads + M4L – June 22 to 26, 2015 in Strasbourg, France.

Bruno de Chénerilles

follow ipads sound workshops, interactive installation and performances

el shamans

People playing on ipads – Electric Shamans interactive installation by Bruno de Chénerilles – March 7th 2015


and an ipad sound workshop for children at Chisholm Elementary School – February 2015
Look at these videos by following the residence’s blog at

all videos by Audiorama and Bruno de Chénerilles : performances, installations, workshops at

Formation professionnelle / professional workshop – Strasbourg, France

Sorry, this post will be in french (as will be the workshop announced).
Tablettes tactiles, Ableton Live, interactivité, spatialisation, nouveaux dispositifs : stage de formation du 22 au 26 juin 2015 à Strasbourg.
+ infos, calendrier, inscriptions, autres stages :    email :
Pour musiciens, artistes sonores, techniciens. Réaliser des dispositifs de concert, performances, installations sonores et multimédia avec spatialisation, interactivité … sur Ableton Live, MaxForLive, Lemur, Animoog, Filtatron, Korg, Propellerhead et toutes autres apps sur iPad.
stage conventionné Afdas.

Electric Shamans in Florida


Electric Shamans – an interactive sound installation by Bruno de Chénerilles
Saturday March 7th – 4 to 7 pm – ACA at Harris House, 214 S. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA. Refreshments served. Free and open to the public.

Created in May 2014 in Strasbourg, France, this interactive sound installation find its sources in the composer’s analog tapes from the eighties. All these sounds are reborn and edited in digital format and visitors can play, transform, remix and spatialize them on iPads. Come to make some music or just listen, no musical background necessary. Electric Shamans was produced in France by Audiorama and supported by Ville de Strasbourg and Institut Français.

As on every Saturday, you can also come at 1 pm  to my open sound workshop at Harris House. Whether you are a musician or not, adult, child or parent, you can come to talk, listen and play with sounds

two very useful communities of users

Lemur on iPad + Ableton Live is definitely for me the most awesome combination of software for live electronics, sound spatialization, interactive sound (and video) installations and sound workshops in general. Especially when you use Max4Live in Ableton Live.
You can do a lot with them without heavy coding, even without any coding at all. If you understand and practice midi controls – nowadays which (electronic) musician doesn’t …? -, you will set up easily very powerful systems for your performances, installations, workshops …
Less time for coding gives more time for music, no ? For me it really does.By the way, a very interesting statement from Mark Fell in The Wire mag – January 2013 might open new doors to some of us or confirm what others are already thinking (I’m one of these) :
But my first aim was to introduce two users’ forums where you can find a lot of patches, ask for help and sometimes find your solutions :
Liine Forum : that’s the forum for Lemur : on this website a lot of patches, free bundles and connected users
I’m very glad to have some followers quickly after the first post. Please feel free to comment or to ask for what you need. This blog can also be yours …
That’s all for today. Being at now under a bright and hot sun in Florida, I’ll quit my laptop for the day and go outside near the beaches …

children music workshops and live electronics concerts with Lemur on iPads

For 3 years, we are experimenting at Audiorama very simple midi interfaces designed on Lemur for electroacoustic projects at La Canardière Elementary School in Strasbourg, France. Aged 7 or 8 years old, these children produce their own sounds on a prepared piano, percussions and by voice. We record them directly in Ableton Live software, edit and process them a little. Then, we use 6 to 8 iPads to play the sounds on Lemur specially designed interfaces. In 10 to 15 hours of workshop, the children can play a very simple electroacoustic piece for their parents or other classes at school.
This open and experimental approach to music and sound was mainly inspired by John Cage’s music philosophy and by Pierre Schaeffer’s educational concepts in musique concrète. Bruno de Chénerilles communicated and demonstrated this practice at two forums in Canada : JFREM (Journées francophones de Recherche en Education Musicale) Ottawa, 2009 and National Forum of CNMN (Canadian New Music Network) Calgary, 2014. In these 2 papers, he tells about his work with children and some of his own more sophisticated developments with multitouch interfaces in live electronics, installations and sound spatialization. def jfrem2009.pdf
Some videos document his work in both situations : children workshops and live electronics concerts.
more technical papers and links to users forums are coming soon.

BC in residence at ACA

Bruno de Chénerilles is currently in a community musical residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL USA for 4 months – february to may 2015. There he continues his experiments in children, young people and adults workshops , as well as in a personal new composition with Florida sounds.

Merry Christmas !

Using multitouch surfaces in music began some years ago. Appearing with JazzMutant’s awesome Lemur original hardware, it is now reborning with iPads. Hardware midi control surfaces are still used by musicians, but designing custom surfaces has opened to much more flexibility in live electronics and interactive installations. Beside that, Moog was the first editor to propose a brand new professional synth Animoog for iOs devices. Korg, Propellerhead are developing synths, samplers and workstations.
Filming and editing videos with iMovie on iPads now brings video production to children.
Since 2012, we are experimenting this new multitouch approach in our concerts, installations, educational music and video workshops.
On this blog, we’ll share technical, artistic and educational information based on our own experiments. We are also very interested to know your point of view, your realisations. We hope this place will be useful to a lot of artists, technicians and educators.

Bruno de Chénerilles