Merry Christmas !

Using multitouch surfaces in music began some years ago. Appearing with JazzMutant’s awesome Lemur original hardware, it is now reborning with iPads. Hardware midi control surfaces are still used by musicians, but designing custom surfaces has opened to much more flexibility in live electronics and interactive installations. Beside that, Moog was the first editor to propose a brand new professional synth Animoog for iOs devices. Korg, Propellerhead are developing synths, samplers and workstations.
Filming and editing videos with iMovie on iPads now brings video production to children.
Since 2012, we are experimenting this new multitouch approach in our concerts, installations, educational music and video workshops.
On this blog, we’ll share technical, artistic and educational information based on our own experiments. We are also very interested to know your point of view, your realisations. We hope this place will be useful to a lot of artists, technicians and educators.

Bruno de Chénerilles