two very useful communities of users

Lemur on iPad + Ableton Live is definitely for me the most awesome combination of software for live electronics, sound spatialization, interactive sound (and video) installations and sound workshops in general. Especially when you use Max4Live in Ableton Live.
You can do a lot with them without heavy coding, even without any coding at all. If you understand and practice midi controls – nowadays which (electronic) musician doesn’t …? -, you will set up easily very powerful systems for your performances, installations, workshops …
Less time for coding gives more time for music, no ? For me it really does.By the way, a very interesting statement from Mark Fell in The Wire mag – January 2013 might open new doors to some of us or confirm what others are already thinking (I’m one of these) :
But my first aim was to introduce two users’ forums where you can find a lot of patches, ask for help and sometimes find your solutions :
Liine Forum : that’s the forum for Lemur : on this website a lot of patches, free bundles and connected users
I’m very glad to have some followers quickly after the first post. Please feel free to comment or to ask for what you need. This blog can also be yours …
That’s all for today. Being at now under a bright and hot sun in Florida, I’ll quit my laptop for the day and go outside near the beaches …

children music workshops and live electronics concerts with Lemur on iPads

For 3 years, we are experimenting at Audiorama very simple midi interfaces designed on Lemur for electroacoustic projects at La Canardière Elementary School in Strasbourg, France. Aged 7 or 8 years old, these children produce their own sounds on a prepared piano, percussions and by voice. We record them directly in Ableton Live software, edit and process them a little. Then, we use 6 to 8 iPads to play the sounds on Lemur specially designed interfaces. In 10 to 15 hours of workshop, the children can play a very simple electroacoustic piece for their parents or other classes at school.
This open and experimental approach to music and sound was mainly inspired by John Cage’s music philosophy and by Pierre Schaeffer’s educational concepts in musique concrète. Bruno de Chénerilles communicated and demonstrated this practice at two forums in Canada : JFREM (Journées francophones de Recherche en Education Musicale) Ottawa, 2009 and National Forum of CNMN (Canadian New Music Network) Calgary, 2014. In these 2 papers, he tells about his work with children and some of his own more sophisticated developments with multitouch interfaces in live electronics, installations and sound spatialization. def jfrem2009.pdf
Some videos document his work in both situations : children workshops and live electronics concerts.
more technical papers and links to users forums are coming soon.

BC in residence at ACA

Bruno de Chénerilles is currently in a community musical residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL USA for 4 months – february to may 2015. There he continues his experiments in children, young people and adults workshops , as well as in a personal new composition with Florida sounds.