two very useful communities of users

Lemur on iPad + Ableton Live is definitely for me the most awesome combination of software for live electronics, sound spatialization, interactive sound (and video) installations and sound workshops in general. Especially when you use Max4Live in Ableton Live.
You can do a lot with them without heavy coding, even without any coding at all. If you understand and practice midi controls – nowadays which (electronic) musician doesn’t …? -, you will set up easily very powerful systems for your performances, installations, workshops …
Less time for coding gives more time for music, no ? For me it really does.By the way, a very interesting statement from Mark Fell in The Wire mag – January 2013 might open new doors to some of us or confirm what others are already thinking (I’m one of these) :
But my first aim was to introduce two users’ forums where you can find a lot of patches, ask for help and sometimes find your solutions :
Liine Forum : that’s the forum for Lemur : on this website a lot of patches, free bundles and connected users
I’m very glad to have some followers quickly after the first post. Please feel free to comment or to ask for what you need. This blog can also be yours …
That’s all for today. Being at now under a bright and hot sun in Florida, I’ll quit my laptop for the day and go outside near the beaches …

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