a selection of musical apps on ipads and smartphones

2 types : audio apps can be played without a computer, most of them on an ipad and an iphone, but very little on androïd.
midi apps are designed to control parameters in a computer software or on any hardware electronic instrument.
AUDIO apps :
synths, samplers (sometimes emulations of mythic hardware devices, sometimes brand new multitouch ios devices) :
Moog : Animoog, Filtatron
Korg : iMS-20, iMini, iPolysix, iKaossilator
Propellerhead : Thor, ReBirth
Arturia : iSEM
edjing : one of the best dj app (also exists in androïd format)
IK multimedia : SampleTank
Retronyms : Phase84, SynthDrum machines : ElliottGarage : EGDR808 (one of the good TR808 emulations), Beat_Machine (F)
Workstations : Tabletop, BeatMaker2, Gadget (some of these can integrate other compatible apps), GarageBand,
Funny apps : it doesn’t mean that you cannot make serious professional music with them but they usually propose a limited but most of time very inventive access to sounds and are usually designed for non-musicians : (F is for free app)
Propellerhead : Figure
ZKM :  Small Fish (F), Sonor Field (F)
John Cage Foundation : CagePiano (F),
Larrson : 4’33”- John Cage (F)
TCP:Bells (F)
Yappophone (F)Retronyms : Stryke
Smartfaust : an amazing set of 14 little apps for smartphones by Grame in France (F)

MIDI apps :
Liine Lemur
(supposed to be also on androïd, but… )  the legendary multitouch french hardware has a second awesome career on ipad. On it you can design all the surfaces you need to control by midi or osc any existing software or hardware. Amazing objects, with all sorts of specific behaviours. It’s true : you can build anything with or without coding. Awesome for mixing, spatialization, live electronics, sound installations. Very professional.Other midi controller editors : Midi Touch, OpenOsc (also on androïd ?)
Some specific non-editable midi controllers for Logic Pro or other software

Of course, this list can’t be complete and new apps are released continously, it’s only the beginning specially on the appstore. It’s my selection at now. We are currently using these apps in different Audiorama projects for performances, installations, workshops.
If you happen to be in Florida tomorrow : I’m giving an overview of all these apps in an open and free workshop :
Saturday March 14th 2015 – 1 to 3 pm – at ACA Harris House 214 S. Riverside Drive New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA.
I’m here in residence for 2 months and a half.
If you’re french : I’ll do a big professional workshop on AbletonLive + ipads + M4L – June 22 to 26, 2015 in Strasbourg, France.

Bruno de Chénerilles

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