Amazing Moog synthesizers on iPad

In 2020, 2 amazing Moog synths: Model 15 and Model D , both on iPad. ​2 legendary synths for a bite of bread! After the 2 fantastic apps Animoog and Filtatron, we are therefore potentially in possession of a collection of 4 fabulous synths for our iPad.

A bite of bread ?

4 Moog synthesizers on ipad

The equation is very simple. Model 15: € 9.99 + Minimoog Model D: €14.99 + Animoog: app: €29.99 + Filtatron: app: €7.99 = €82.96

Too expensive for 4 apps? Certainly, but very economical for 4 breathtaking professional synths.

Do you prefer the original wood and metal synths, with the awesome big Moog buttons and limited series? As I understand you. But be aware that you will have to shell out € 10,000 for a Model 15 and € 3,750 for a Minimoog Model D.

And with that you will not have Animoog, Filtatron, or all the additional functions present in the apps for iPad.

And think carefully: the Model 15 weighs 23 kg and the Minimoog 15 kg. You will need to be careful with your back and charter a car to move them.

So if you are a musician and crazy about electronic music, I recommend the 4 apps for your iPad. You will not be disappointed ! The big Moog sound and more… for only 82,96 € and no additional weight for your iPad…

I can sense your objection: you don’t have an iPad. Not yet ? Well, now is the time, the new basic iPad is on sale for 359 €. And if you are a student or teacher or if you take or give lessons in a music school, you will have no trouble obtaining the education rate: 338 € Do the math yourself!
And why not buying a second hand iPad for half the price ?

Let’s start with a quick tour of these 4 wonders:


Moog - Animoog for ipad

The very first Moog created especially for the iPad is a masterstroke that Bob himself, the late and brilliant founder of the brand, would have been proud of (peace to his soul). Polyphonic synth with a completely crazy and expandable library of sounds.

The peculiarity of Animoog is its very special keyboard, which allows you to tune it in the key and the scale that you want by removing the keys that you want to exclude from your scale. A great idea to improvise freely, especially if you are not a seasoned pianist (like me).

And I have found that even great pianists enjoy Animoog thanks to this liberating feature. And on this vertically and horizontally sensitive keyboard, the possibilities for glissando expression are enormous.

But please read my detailed article in French on Animoog: With sounds, images, video, I also discuss possible extensions and a very relevant use in awakening and musical training.


Moog Fltatron

There too, a little stroke of genius: a “hot rod” sampler with the excellent resonant Ladder Filter and brand effects.

You can easily pick up sounds on the microphone or in any audio file stored in Music on your iPad. Overlay, loop and transform them. A kind of super looper for electro music. No keep in all hands …

An article to write soon to deepen this quite magical app, but which does not let itself be tamed so easily.

Model 15

Moog Model 15

This iPad recreation of the Model 15 modular synth will delight fans of big analog boxes. Everything is there and Moog Music has even added functions that did not exist in the original hardware synth:

  • Library of 160 pre-loaded presets and optional packs for a few euros
  • 3 keyboards: traditional, animoog (and yes!) Or ribbon. You can choose and switch between the 3 while playing.
  • 8-note arpeggiator-sequencer. Hat’s Off !
  • Delays, ring-modulation
  • Looping recorder!
  • Fully Midi implemented, like each of these 4 apps
  • And the authentic sound is once again present.

Please note, you’ll need a 64bit iPad, that means iPad Air or later. For my part, I play these 4 apps on a basic 9.7-inch iPad 2017: it sounds really great!

Minimoog Model D

Moog Mini Model D

The legendary Minimoog Model D, the very first portable synth, was invented by Bob Moog in 1970 and it revolutionized electronic music, funk, reggae, techno… until today. A monument and a real beast on stage!

Again in its iPad version, the manufacturer has added new functions:

  • Library of 160 pre-loaded presets and packs to download for a few euros
  • 4-note polyphony (the original is monophonic)
  • Arpeggiator,
  • Real-time loop recorder !
  • Effects: delays, bender

Regrets: here no animoog keyboard and the traditional keyboard is not resizable.

If you go to the brand’s website, you will find all the technical characteristics of these 4 apps, audio and video demos. Go take your visit to the brand’s website, it is a real pleasure! The pilgrimage for all fans of electronic music. .

In conclusion

I guess you read my enthusiasm. Know that it is total and 100% sincere. As usual, I remind you that I have no particular interest in recommending any particular app, software or device. And if I do it without any reservations for these 4 Moog apps, it is because they are real instruments with an authentic and professional sound, not gadgets.

I loaded them onto my ipad and play these synths with tremendous pleasure. I commonly include them in my songs, my performances and my educational workshops.

A lot more posts, topics, videos, podcasts on sound technics and music production on my French blog:

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